Harold Springsteen, 1929-2017

My uncle Harold “Hud” Springsteen passed from his journey in this life last Thursday night. His obituary indicates that he passed in the early hours of Friday, September 1. As a long-time school superintendent and active community member, he will be widely missed in Sheridan and well beyond. His family and ours have always been close. Hud was the last of his siblings to pass on, leaving Mom and Aunt Dorothy to carry the banner for their generation.

A memorial service for Hud will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, September 9 at the Congregational Church in Sheridan, Visitation will be held at the Simpson Family Funeral Home from 4-7 p.m. on Friday. Hud’s obituary has been posted on Simpson’s web site: http://www.simpsonfamilyfuneralhomes.com/book-of-memories/3113662/Springsteen-Harold/obituary.php

Hud married Dorothy King of Greenville on August 21, 1949. Their children are

  1. Michael Springsteen
  2. Susan (Fish) Springsteen
  3. Nicholas Springsteen
  4. Peter Springsteen
  5. Andrew Springsteen

The passing of Aden and Verda Springsteen’s family

Aden and Verda Springsteen’s family, about 1932-33

The only picture I have seen of Hud’s entire family of parents, brothers and sisters was taken sometime between Loretta’s birth in 1931 and John’s death in 1934. They posed for this photo in their farm home just south of Sheridan. From left to right are John, Ed (my Dad), Lorna, Verda, Loretta (on Grandma’s lap), Madge, Hud (on Grandpa’s lap), and Mick.

Aden Loyal Springsteen and Goldie Verda Case, Hud’s parents, were married on Grandma’s 19th birthday, October 15, 1918. Aden lived from July 29, 1896 to March 6, 1941. Verda lived from October 15, 1899 to July 27, 1984. Their children were

  1. John L.D. Springsteen, October 21, 1919 to August 30, 1934
  2. Donovan E. “Mick” Springsteen, January 8, 1921 to June 27, 2009
  3. Lorna Elsie (McMellen Raczkowski Wolf) Springsteen, September 18, 1922 to March 18, 2016
  4. Edwin Frank Springsteen, November 30, 1924 to December 8, 2016
  5. Madge M. (Pontius) Springsteen, June 7, 1927 to April 20, 2017
  6. Harold A. “Hud” Springsteen, November 1, 1929 to September 1, 2017
  7. Loretta Agnes (Potter) Springsteen, March 18, 1931 to July 12, 1974

I hope Hud is having a grand reunion with his parents, brothers and sisters. Hud and Dorothy have a great family here to carry on.

4 thoughts on “Harold Springsteen, 1929-2017”

  1. Thanks Ron for your stellar report. Hud, indeed, was quite a guy. He surely honored your dad with a flair the last time I saw him months ago at the funeral service.
    Nice photo with identifications that you included. Couple of boys really look like you and your brother, as others no doubt have probably long noticed.

  2. He will be missed a great man and a great family. I have been blessed to have HUD Springsteen in my life. My dad and he were best of friends and I am sure they are having a grand time in heaven.

  3. He was a very good neighbor and will be missed alot. He was a good Superintendent at Central Montcalm High School.He was a very caring guy as well.

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