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One thought on “Research links”

  1. Hi Ron, you left a message in my wife’s 23&Me mailbox (Kathy McEldery). She originally went to 23&Me regarding family medical research, not genealogy. I’m the family historian for both of our families and the one you want to deal with. I’ve got two trees for Kathy’s families on and can connect you with those if you give me your Ancestry user/tree name. Kathy’s maiden name was Richardson. Her paternal gt-gt-grandfather was Henry Davis Richardson, who was born in Wyoming County, New York. His father was Simeon Richardson, who was married to a Daggett back when the New York and Connecticut boundaries were changing. One of Kathy’s gt-grandmothers was born in Wayne County, MI, and lived in Ionia County, was married in both Ionia and Montcalm Counties. Her maiden name was Ella Ida Cranson. Anyway, all this is well documented in our tree. The Boyers are in Kathy’s maternal line.

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