Who is it?

This page is a place to display pictures of people who need identification or of items that are looking for a new home.

Harvey Marshall’s Scout cards

These items were found by my sister Joanne in a sale somewhere in the Lansing area. Do you know anyone related to Harvey Marshall?

Picture of Barbara and Christopher Dlouhy

This picture was discovered in a flea market by a benefactor named Kate who likes to buy old photos and look for families to return them to. Barbara and Chris were twins born in Chicago in 1892 to John Dlouhy and Barbara Homolka. Both parents were born in Bohemia. Their younger siblings were Elizabeth, born in 1895, and Frank, born in 1900. Older siblings from John’s first marriage to Frantiska Novak were Marie, Joseph and John. My wife Dee’s family was the closest connection that Kate could find. Do you know any direct descendants of Barbara or Chris?

Unknown woman and house

This picture might be from one of Mom’s old family albums. Does anyone recognize either the house or the woman?