Remembering Dad

For the first time in my life, we enter a new year without Dad. He was released to eternal life just a few weeks ago, yet it seems like we’re now in a different lifetime. As I’ve said many times, we are fortunate to have had Dad, and for so many years. To rephrase a line from The Reverend Mister Black, one of the songs we learned after my brother Eddie got his first guitar:

I hope that I’ll always be a credit to his memory, ’cause I want you to understand, Ed Springsteen Sr. was my old man!

Edwin Springsteen, 2014

Here are a few pictures and audio recordings from Dad’s memorial service.

Ed Springsteen’s memorial service, registration
Ed Springsteen’s memorial service, sanctuary
Ed Springsteen’s service medals

I have split the audio recording of Dad’s service to make it more manageable for uploading and downloading. We had thought to refrain from calling people up to a microphone to encourage sharing, but you will hear that sharing benefitted from amplification.

Memorial service, part 1:

Memorial service, part 2:

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